IntelliFactory / F# Programming III

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This course focuses on how to write "next generation" applications using F#'s more advanced features.

F#'s advanced concepts enable programming sophistication that would be significantly harder in conventional programming languages.

What you will learn

  • How F# makes the following much easier:
    • Concurrency
    • Asynchronous Programming
    • Parallel Programming
  • How to leverage language oriented programming techniques like:
    • The power of parsing, using F#'s version of lex and yacc.
    • The ability to do compilation, interpretation, and transformations via F#'s Quotation facility.
    • The power that can be gained from continuations.
  • Performance tuning


  1. Computation Expressions
    • Workflows
      • "monads"
  2. Concurrency
    • Call backs
    • Using computation expressions
  3. Parallel
    • Message Passing Interface
    • Shared memory parallelism
    • TPL
  4. Quotations
    • Compilation
    • Transformation
    • Interpretation
      • You must write your own eval function
  5. Reflection
    • Reflection is less necessary in F#.
    • When is reflection useful?
  6. Parsing
    • Lex
    • Yacc
  7. Performance Tuning
    • Determining when to use:
      • Functional programming
      • Parallel programming
      • Asynchronous programming
      • Mutation
    • Profiling
    • Timing

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