on 11/3/2010 12:02 PM

With around 3,000 unique WebSharper Standard downloads in the past few months, interest in learning about WebSharper and functional web programming in F# is increasing tremendeously. There are many intriguing blog posts popping up everywhere about WebSharper and using it to showcase F# web applications. But the success story doesn't end there! There are great new features in our upcoming WebSharper Professional release that we believe will fundamentally change the way web programming is done and will open new frontiers to those who dare to enter this exciting and rewarding new world.

Therefore, it is with great excitement that we are thrilled to announce the first London WebSharper User Group - a forum for WebSharper professionals and enthusiasts based in London, UK to exchange ideas and experiences, and to serve as a major hub for furthering the interest in functional web programing. We sincerely hope that it will add significant value to our WebSharper user community.
If you happen to be around London any time soon you should definitely drop by for our meetings or listen in on some of our web casts that we will be hosting.
We would like to thank SkillsMatter for providing a regular venue for this user group and organizing the first, inaugural meeting to be held on November 22, 2010. Registration is free and now open on the SkillsMatter event site, please register early if you plan on attending.

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