on 9/19/2014 9:34 AM

We just released CloudSharper for your enjoyment. The main new feature is a dockable Browse window, allowing you to work on a web or mobile application and seeing the result directly next to your code.

You can access it by:

  • Pressing Ctrl+Alt+B or typing browse in the console to show this window.
  • Selecting "Show in Browse panel" when deploying with Ctrl+D.

  • Selecting "Browse" in the context menu of a file in the Solution or Files view.

By ticking the "Refresh on build" checkbox, you can make the Browse window automatically refresh when a build finishes successfully. This makes the workflow to develop a web application in F# easier than ever: edit your code, press Ctrl+B and see the result!

Here is the full change log:

  • Update FSharp.Compiler.Services to 0.0.61.
  • #466: Fix "An implementation of file/module XYZ has already been given" F# service message when opening a file.
  • #532: Show a "Loading..." tooltip when waiting for completion.
  • #533: Allow docking to any side of the screen and make docked console/interactive collapsible.
  • #536: Hide Workspace panel if there is no active workspace.
  • #537: Implement Browser tool window.
  • #540: Fix "Find in solution" tab context menu item.
  • #541: Refresh workspaces list after cloning a workspace.
  • #543: Auto-close and color-match brackets in editor.

Happy coding!

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